DNA Renewal Workshops with Dr Ronald Moy

Dr. Ronald Moy, internationally renowned scientist, researcher, dermatologist & founder of DNA Renewal skin care, visited Australia recently to conduct information evenings in Melbourne and Sydney.

Dr. Moy covered a wide range of topics including:

  • How to educate your patients on using the best skin care products
  • How to incorporate skin care products in any clinic
  • How to increase collagen and decrease sun damage with skin care products
  • How to help prevent skin ageing
  • The newest and best active ingredients in skin care
  • Combining DNA Renewal skin care products with aesthetic facials & cosmetic procedures, such as micro-needling and virtual mesotherapy

The presentation commenced with Dr Moy introducing the DNA Renewal range as a concept, which then led into an open forum discussion. Attendees were invited to discuss how they introduce DNA Repair Enzymes and Growth Factors to their clients and to share their knowledge of DNA enzymes, enzymes versus antioxidants, retinol and other actives.

“Dr Moy is a very engaging speaker who is very informative and very willing to share his knowledge and love for DNA Renewal. The presentation provided a great opportunity for all therapists to share and showcase their knowledge. This was an interesting insight for everyone and an opportunity to learn from one another,” said Dora Erdossy, Advanced Cosmeceuticals National Trainer.

Dr Moy also highlighted the fact that after the age of 30, DNA damage increases, emphasising the importance of prevention and hence the relevance of introducing DNA Renewal to younger clients and not just older clients.

“We have always known the importance of sun protection but what was made very clear to all who attended is the combination of SPF and DNA Repair Enzymes is superior for the protection of the skin compared to standard SPF alone.

There have been a number of clinical studies conducted with associated clinical papers written, which Dr Moy shared with us. One such study showed 87% of DNA repaired 48 hours after treatment with DNA Repair Enzymes. Another study showed that DNA Repair Enzymes where shown to reverse skin ageing and carcinogenesis. Very impressive science!,” said Dora.

“I love the fact that Dr Moy presented such a broad scope of interesting topics such as the intracellular and molecular level of DNA Renewal skincare, different types of enzymes and which botanicals they are derived from, as well as the level of skin recovery, treated with Repair Enzymes, after human skin exposure to UVB (up to 45% of tissue repair is achieved within 1 hour, thanks to photolyse enzyme). Dr Moy also spoke about the importance of wellness from within via supplementation, the different methods of human trials and of course, Growth Factors being like a cellular activator,” said Joanna Karpinski, Advanced Cosmeceuticals State Manager- VIC

Both workshops were a huge success and the feedback from attendees was incredibly positive. This was due largely to the fact that Dr Moy presented a lot of scientific information in an easy to understand manner and that everyone felt part of the process thanks to his interactive approach.

“The collaboration of Advanced Cosmeceuticals and Dr Moy was perfect. Once the presentation began it was evident that it was well worth the 400km trip from our Country location Dubbo NSW to the big smoke.

Dr Moy is such an approachable man and made The Skin Care Corrective Centre staff feel very relaxed in terms of asking questions and providing further education on the DNA Renewal range.  I must say the team felt a little star struck in his presence!

As our clinic is in “Outback Australia” where sun damage is prevalent, DNA Renewal has quickly become one of our most popular and successful ranges. Our visiting specialists and aestheticians often couple it with laser, needling and other advanced paramedical procedures in our professional approach in treating Actinic Keratosis, Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

We are exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to meet the “man himself”, Dr Moy, creator of the infamous DNA Renewal Anti-Ageing Skincare Range and would welcome the opportunity for Dr Moy and his family to visit our clinic and Outback Australia one day soon,” said Kim Scott and Heidi Nichols, Directors, The Skin Care Corrective Centre.